Ultimate Analogue Sound

High Definition Analogue, Pure Valve, Multi -Band  Audio Enhancement 

The EQ1-S is a unique, stereo, line level hardware equaliser intended for use in both very high -end consumer audio systems and professional tracking, mix or mastering installations. The EQ1-S offers ten stereo frequency equalisation bands, plus configurable bass and mid/high frequency variable contour options. The EQ1-S is an entirely valve based, fully active design with transformer-coupled balanced or unbalanced inputs and outputs.

The EQ1-S is designed to deliver ultimate tone control and contouring over the whole audio spectrum while reproducing music full of the natural warmth, vibrant life, clarity with an engaging and luxurious sound that only its’ unique clever tube design can achieve.

Enjoy lush, rich tones and relax in a warm bath of captivating and emotive sound that touches your very soul – pure sonic nirvana!


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