In The Home

High Definition Analogue Sound-A New Dimension of Listening Pleasure

If you are a true music lover, you just love good sound, you know it when you hear it and more than anything you want your music to make you feel good, emotionally involved and connected.
With all the high – end audio systems available today, your search for the ultimate sound can be a frustrating journey of equipment matching and upgrading of components such as amplifiers, preamps, cd players, dacs, streamers, turntables, cartridges, cables and loudspeakers to get the overall tonal balance that you desire. Then there are the effects of room size, speaker position and furniture to consider.
The new, pure vacuum tube EQ1-S will compensate for different sounding recordings, productions, system deficiencies and room acoustics and provides full, precise manual control over your preferred sound – tuned to your ears! With its’ unique multifunctional design, flexibility, reliability and above all its’ unbelievable sound quality, it is the ultimate addition to any high-end audio system.

Experience your music in a way you never thought possible, vastly increased instrument clarity, richer detail, fuller vocals, more natural presence, increased stereo width and image depth along with ground-shaking bass and more dynamic punch than you can shake a stick at! The music simply comes alive and at the same time is soothing and pleasing to the ears, eliminating listener fatigue.

Concept and Frequency Bands

With its 10 individual stereo frequency bands across the audio spectrum, plus broader tone controls, the GLVC EQ1-S harnesses all the benefits of an active all – tube design, built solely for ultimate listening pleasure and has a quality of sound that in guaranteed to touch your very soul.