The Great Little Valve Company proudly presents the EQ1-S…

The only Hi-End, Pure Valve, Stereo, Active Audio Enhancement & Tone Control system for use in the home, studio or live sound.

The new EQ1-S, from the Great Little Valve Company, was designed specifically for music lovers and professionals alike seeking real luxurious analogue sound in a complex digital world.
Whether you are the owner of a hi-end audio system, home theatre or music studio the EQ1-S will enhance your music beyond belief, resulting in a more emotive, enjoyable, rich, warm and engaging listening experience.
Ultra High-Definition Analogue Sound – For the Digital Age

The EQ1-S, with its vacuum tube design, will reveal the energy and detail in the performance so that you hear nuances of instruments and performers with vastly increased clarity, depth and definition.
Now you can have full analogue control over your sound, tailor it to the way you like it, with fine control of textures, structures, individual instruments or performers resulting in an increased dynamic range and a more realistic connection to the music.

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Digital Distress Syndrome



Ultimate Analogue Sound

High Definition Analogue, Pure Valve, Multi -Band  Audio Enhancement 

The EQ1-S is a unique, stereo, line level hardware equaliser intended for use in both very high -end consumer audio systems and professional tracking, mix or mastering installations. The EQ1-S offers ten stereo frequency equalisation bands, plus configurable bass and mid/high frequency variable contour options. The EQ1-S is an entirely valve based, fully active design with transformer-coupled balanced or unbalanced inputs and outputs.

The EQ1-S is designed to deliver ultimate tone control and contouring over the whole audio spectrum while reproducing music full of the natural warmth, vibrant life, clarity with an engaging and luxurious sound that only its’ unique clever tube design can achieve.

Enjoy lush, rich tones and relax in a warm bath of captivating and emotive sound that touches your very soul – pure sonic nirvana!


EQ In Your Home


In The Studio



About GLVC

GLVC, -The Great Little Valve Company Ltd -has over 40 years’ experience in the audio world of music recording and reproduction…from studio builds and technical management to the hand crafting of bespoke vacuum tube amplifiers and studio equipment for individual clients. Having witnessed the rise of analogue systems to their highest point in the 80’s to early 90’s and the subsequent changeover to now commonplace digital practices, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about real -world sound! Although we love analogue sound, we are not against digital audio in any way, as in the right hands, the two can indeed complement each other perfectly.
Now, in 2020, with the resurgence of analogue, a great many audiophiles and music professionals have become increasingly aware of the sonic deficiencies of modern digital systems & equipment along with their subjective effects and are seeking a definitive answer to the problem. So, over three years, we designed and refined the EQ1-S High Definition Analogue Enhancement System.
For 2020, the EQ1-S, with power supply, is priced at a UK RRP of £14,950 +vat

GLVC is indeed a philosophy of sound, with its unique innovation, supreme reliability and above all incomparable sound quality. We cater for those who simply want the best unique, bespoke hi end analogue sound money can buy.

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All GLVC products are Conceived, Designed and Hand Built in Great Britain at a modern factory in the south of the UK, while our prices reflect the luxurious quality of sound afforded by such unique designs.


 11th January 2020:

As a new decade confronts us, here’s wishing you all a prosperous, peaceful year and beyond.
…With just three EQ1-S systems currently in stock you are urged to get your order in quickly before they are gone….
As such, we are now taking new EQ1-S orders for 2020, which will require a 50% deposit with order and the balance payable prior to delivery. (Build times can vary with demand).
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May your God be with you.




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