In The Studio

Whether you are a seasoned ‘old school’ professional or of the ‘new gen’, One of the greatest challenges for any recording /mastering engineer is getting the tonal balance of the mix right… be it in the analogue or digital realm, the goal is just the same.

Today’s digital technology has led a new generation into a world of complex digital processors, each with their own sonic signatures, and ‘Plug-Ins’ in an attempt to replace or mimic real world analogue sound, for which in reality there is no substitute. Modern technology offers a vast  amount of processors and emulators  for engineers to use but can end up chasing their own tails in pursuit of the ultimate sound, only to become victims of digital distress ! Resulting in a messy,cold,confused mix. However, for the true aficionado of sound, the inevitable cumulative adverse effects of all the processing on the sound quality and emotive feeling in the music cannot be ignored. This is a fact that has been proven beyond doubt by audio industry experts and only concurs the thinking of a great many people. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes the undoubted preference for true analogue, high quality sound continuous to grow, for the human ear is indeed built for natural sound and increasing numbers are not buying into the complex digital (mathematical) version of music.

GLVC, with over 40 years experience in the audio world, know a thing or too about sound!

The EQ1-S is a new concept and  is the Ultimate Pure Vacuum Tube Stereo Audio Enhancement and Tone Control system, for use in the studio, home or live sound……pure sonic nirvana at every level.
The EQ1-S was designed to provide supreme natural analogue sound quality and is an incredibly versatile piece of kit too! Exploiting all the advantages and power of an active tube design it can produce subtle to full rich tones for highlighting textures  of vocals and instruments in any recording situation. When used in a stereo mastering situation it will balance the tonal structure and expressiveness of your sound with ease, without having to use a whole rack of valve eq in an attempt to get a similar result.

With full control at your fingertips, the combinations are endless- all the while the dynamic range is increased with more space between instruments/vocals with amazing detail and a ‘wrap-around’ warmth where everything is felt! It will save you many hours of work, resulting in a luxurious sound quality with stunning musicality, instrument detail and natural warmth.

Its stereo, pure tube, active format offers 10 wide band, continuously variable lift/cut frequency bands per channel (yes – 10 per channel!) and a switchable stereo active baxandall type Lf/Mf, Hf contour section, which also has two switchable turnover frequencies.
Audio wise, the 10 frequency bands each control left and right simultaneously and are spaced 2 octaves apart from each other to preserve instrument fundamentals, harmonics and eliminate adjacent band cancellations. The incoming stereo source is split into two, full audio bandwidth, stereo signal paths(A and B) with each path having 5 stereo bands of +/- 3dB trim to facilitate harmonic structure and tone manipulation. Also there are  separate stereo input level controls for each path, giving supreme flexibility in use. The outputs from these two paths are internally summed before they reach the switchable, active  baxandall type tone control section with its two stereo controls (LF/HF) and a 2-way threshold select switch. Then finally  there are the left and right output level trim controls. 

Above all there is….

No digital circuitry and No meaningless flashing lights – just real quality sounding components!
No gyrator circuitry– instead there are 20 real precision inductors and transformers!
No Chips … we use high quality tubes only, total of 10 tubes in an arrangement of buffers and drivers.

Hear the Warmth…Feel the Detail

It is the most versatile, flexible, stereo, high-end tube analogue audio enhancement and equalisation system available today.

 EQ1-S Features