Live Sound

In a live sound situation, the EQ1-S comes into its own taking feeling the music to a new level, it connects with the audience in a natural way, reaching your very soul.
Modern digital sound systems can exhibit ridiculously loud sound levels and whether it’s a small club or vast arena, some sound systems are just a huge disappointment when you have gone to an event/concert or club to find the sound quality irritating and too loud with instruments undistinguishable or drowned out by others. A disappointment too for the musicians who just want their emotional expressiveness to be heard and connect with the audience. With all the increasingly complex digital processors/amplifiers involved in modern live sound situations, the adverse subjective effects of digital processing are amplified thousands of times and can become immediately apparent, greatly effecting our moods and emotions. Of course, some genres of music intentionally want to batter your senses and have your ears ringing for days, but for those that want shear listening pleasure, connection, warmth and feeling, from classical music to rock, the EQ1-S is the answer; it is the only hi-end pure valve, stereo audio enhancement and tone control system for the real music lover.
Natural analogue sound resulting in pure sonic nirvana!

In Places of Worship