EQ1-S Concept and Frequency Bands

The EQ1-S is a stereo, line level unit, that can be inserted into your sound system or studio set-up at any point of your choosing. This could be in the home for example between a CD player/ Dac output and preamplifier input or between preamplifier output and main amplifier input. With its 10 stereo frequency bands, plus switchable, stereo bass, mid/hi frequency contour controls and its totally tube fully active design, the GLVC EQ1-S gives you ultimate control over the whole audio spectrum. The Eq1-S produces such a hugely dynamic and transparent soundstage that it makes the music come alive and touch your soul with its immediacy, musicality and warmth whilst making every detail clearly audible.

The audio signal for each channel is divided into two full bandwidth signal paths (A &B) each with their own left and right input level controls. Each path features 5, stereo linked, lift/cut controls at passbands that are spaced 2 octaves apart or more to preserve key fundamental instrument frequencies and out of band harmonics that form the texture of sound- allowing for vastly increased instrument detail, clarity, dynamic range, energy, realism, warmth, musical impact, emotive involvement and above all a luxurious quality of sound that defies description.

EQ1-S Continuously Variable frequency bands
Audio band         Path Title           Bandwidth                Path
Deep Bass               25hz                    15hz to 35hz               A
Mid-bass                100hz                   60hz to 140hz            B
Upper Bass           250hz                 125hz to 375hz            A
Low Midrange     500hz                300hz to 700hz           B
Midrange                    1khz                600hz to 1.4khz           A
Upper Midrange     2khz                 1.2khz to 2.8khz          B
Hi Midrange              3khz                2.1khz to 3.9khz          A
Mid Treble                 5khz                   2khz to 8khz              B
Upper Mid treble    8khz               4.8khz to 11.2khz         A
Top Treble               10khz                   6khz to 14khz           B

The Treble:
Good treble or high frequency response is essential to high-quality music reproduction. If the treble is too soft your system will lack life, air, openness, extension, and a sense of space. The music will sound closed-in rather than being big and open. The best treble is one that sounds most like real music in that It should have lots of energy—cymbals used in percussion can sound quite aggressive in real life and do not have a synthetic, grainy, or dry character that some systems portray.
The EQ1-S offers a silky smooth top end response with its 3 wide band high frequency controls at 5khz, 8khz and 10khz in the filter section and a further option of the 300hz/3khz switchable setting in the contour section.

The Midrange:
An important factor in midrange performance is how instrumental textures are reproduced. Its timbre or texture is the physical impression of the instrument’s sound—its fabric rather than its tone. The human ear is much more sensitive to small changes in volume and frequency within this 600hz to 3khz midband region than it is to bass and high treble. As most of the musical energy we hear is in the midrange, any colorations in this area can become extremely annoying, especially at high sound levels and are often associated with todays’ digital recording techniques and processing.
The EQ1-S has 4 midrange bands: 300hz to 700hz / 600hz to 1.4khz/ 1.2khz to 2.8khz and 2.1khz to 3.9khz covering the range. All the controls for which are continuously variable, with unique control over an instruments fundamental and harmonic structure being easily achieved due to its split signal path tube circuit. With the EQ1-S you could choose to use the active filter controls in conjunction with the contour section which has two selectable centre frequencies, where the 150/600hz setting offers a full midband enhancement where you can add or subtract contributions from the filter sections

The Bass:
Correct bass reproduction is essential to satisfying musical reproduction. Low frequencies constitute music’s tonal foundation, its rhythmic anchor and contain a surprising amount of detail when reproduced correctly. You don’t just want the physical feeling that deep bass provides, you want to hear the subtlety and nuances, the sharp attacks, textures and pitch definition being clearly defined so that it remains connected with the music and not sound like a dull low frequency roar.
The Eq1-S has 5 frequency band controls to manipulate the bass end of the spectrum. Three of these are in the filter section: 25hz,100hz and 250hz and two switchable settings are available in the contour section: 150hz and 300hz. Using the controls in various cut /boost combinations makes for unrivalled deep bass extension with supreme clarity, feeling and warmth.

The outstanding luxurious sound quality afforded by the EQ1-S puts back what modern digital processing takes away…the essence of music, the feeling and emotive involvement in the performance and is the difference between what you hear and how you feel, transforming your listening experience to a whole new level of enjoyment

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