The Great Little Valve Company proudly presents the EQ1-S…

The only Hi-End, Pure Valve, Stereo, Active Audio Enhancement & Tone Control system for use in the home, studio or live sound.

Whatever your thoughts on the digital vs analogue debate, music is all about how it makes you feel and when it comes to listening to music in the home there are many reasons to use tone controls for music reproduction, especially in the todays’ complex digitally – dominated world of sound recording and reproduction.
However, the mainstream audio industry has for too long been disregarding the very real subjective experience of the listener in that, whilst being unique to each person, it is not measurable and therefore deemed irrelevant. Given all the digital technology we have today you would think we should be living in audio heaven, but it appears we are all suffering from digital distress syndrome!

Rather, increasing numbers of music Industry professionals, critics and audiophiles share the opinion that modern digitally recorded music is becoming more fatiguing to the listener and less engaging due to use of huge amounts of digital processing in the recording and mastering stages, which is having a huge effect on the listening experience and as a result the undeniable popularity of true analogue sound continues to soar.

The new  EQ1-S, from the Great Little Valve Company, was designed specifically for true music lovers and professionals alike to overcome the adverse effects of digital processing. Whether you are the owner of a hi-end audio system, home theatre or music studio the EQ1-S will enhance your music beyond belief,  resulting in a more emotive, enjoyable, rich, warm and engaging listening experience.

It’s not just analogue, it’s  High-Definition Analogue !

Read about how modern digital processing effects your music here….

Digital Distress Syndrome



Ultimate Analogue Sound

The EQ1-S is the Ultimate High Definition Analogue Audio Enhancement and Tone Control system…

With  total vacuum tube circuitry and audiophile quality components throughout, it was conceived  and designed specifically for those who  love real world, natural analogue sound; music industry professionals, musicians and audiophiles alike.The EQ1-S  effortlessly  overcomes the adverse subjective effects of modern digital processing adding life and musicality, resulting in a far more emotive, enjoyable, warm and engaging listening experience at every level.

Perfect for use in Hi-end Home, Studio, Live sound  and Home Theatre systems.
The EQ1-S lets you control the sound you want to hear- experience for example more deep slamming bass with detail, richer, fuller vocals, more punch, presence, instrument clarity, detail with more natural tone and timbre, vastly increased stereo  image depth and dynamic range. With  pure vacuum tube circuitry,  full 2 channel, stereo  format and  its 10 continuously variable stereo frequency bands across the audio spectrum, plus a further  tone control section, the GLVC EQ1-S harnesses all the benefits of a high-quality active tube design, built solely for ultimate listening pleasure and sonic nirvana !


EQ In Your Home


In The Studio



About GLVC

GLVC, -The Great Little Valve Company Ltd -has over 40 years’ experience in the audio world of music recording and reproduction…from studio builds and technical management to the hand crafting of bespoke vacuum tube amplifiers and studio  equipment for individual clients. Having witnessed the rise of analogue systems to their highest point in the 80’s to early 90’s and the subsequent changeover to now commonplace digital practices, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about real world sound ! Although we love analogue sound , we are not against digital audio in any way, as in the right hands, the two can indeed complement each other perfectly.

Now, in 2018, the tide is  changing again, with the resurgence of analogue, as a great many audiophiles and music professionals have become increasingly aware of the sonic deficiencies of modern digital systems & equipment along with their subjective effects  and are seeking a definitive answer to the problem.

GLVC is indeed a philosophy of sound, with its unique innovation, reliability and above all incomparable  sound quality. We cater for those who simply want the best  unique, bespoke  hi end analogue sound money can buy. 

For studios/ producers and musicians we appreciate that our products may be beyond the scope of some peoples’ budget and therefore can offer a bespoke mixing/mastering or recording service with our friends at Nouveau Sounds in Sussex, using the new GLVC EQ1-S, along with all the best sounding, highest spec, digital tracking and mastering equipment. For more info on this service contact us : enquiries@glvc.co.uk

All GLVC products are Conceived, Designed and Hand Built in Great Britain at a modern factory in the south of the UK, while our prices reflect the luxurious quality of sound afforded by such  unique designs.

The EQ1-S , new for 2018, is offered at  a UK RRP of £17,950 +vat


May 2018:

Hi to  all analogue, digital and passionate music lovers everywhere!

The Great Little Valve Company, revamped for 2018, are so very proud to finally announce the arrival of our unique EQ1-S, the Ultimate Analogue Audio Enhancement and Tone Control system ……. The first in a purposed new range of  hi-end, bespoke, valve audio products for the home, theatre and studio.

After years of R &D the first few units are currently being hand built at our factory in the UK and will soon be available for purchase-contact us to pre- order and reserve yours now!

UK RRP: £17,950 +vat


May your God be with you.




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