In The Home

What the EQ1-S can do for your home Audio system:

As a music lover, you love good sound, you know it when you hear it and more than anything you want your music to make you feel good, emotionally involved and connected.
GLVC believe, like many others around the world, that one of the greatest acts of insanity in the audio industry was the removal of tone controls from hi fi amplifiers from about the 1980s.
It is our view that they are indispensable for correcting room acoustics, loudspeaker, system shortcomings, or tonal balance of the source material, especially on older or so called remastered recordings and that a lot of people are suffering sub-optimal sound because of this fashion. It is now commonplace for audio critics to suggest that frequency-response inadequacies should be corrected by changing loudspeakers or other key components in the sound system. This is an extraordinarily expensive way of avoiding tone-controls. Contrary to what some people will have you believe, a properly designed and executed tone control circuit does not degrade the audio signal quality and has never done so. Therefore, it makes sense to use high quality analogue tone control in your sound system to greatly enhance your listening experience …and hear your music the way you like it!

With all the high – end audiophile systems available today, the search for your ultimate sound can be a frustrating journey of trial and error; upgrading components such as amplifiers, preamps, cd players, dacs, turntables, speakers and cables to get the overall tonal balance that you desire. There are also the effects of room size, speaker position and furniture to consider.
Given the plethora of different sounding music recordings, studios and productions it is obvious that the one thing you really need in your sound system is some form of multiband tone control, one of supreme audiophile quality and flexibility that you can adjust to suit your own ears.

The unique EQ1-s is all this and more…

The EQ1-S will greatly enhance your listening experience at every level and enables  you to control the sound you want to hear from your sound system or home theatre set up. Now you can re-visit all those old recordings you have and experience them in a way you never thought possible;  ground-shaking  bass, with vastly increased instrument clarity and detail. Richer, fuller vocals, more natural presence, increased stereo width, image depth and dynamic punch. The music simply comes alive and at the same time  is soothing to the ears, eliminating listener fatigue. With its 10 individual stereo bands across the audio spectrum, plus broader tone controls, the GLVC EQ1-S harnesses all the benefits of an  active tube design, built solely for ultimate listening pleasure and has a quality of sound that in guaranteed to touch your very soul.


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