Ultimate Analogue Sound

The EQ1-S is the Ultimate High Definition Analogue Audio Enhancement and Tone Control system…

With  total vacuum tube circuitry and audiophile quality components throughout, it was conceived  and designed specifically for those who  love real world, natural analogue sound; music industry professionals, musicians and audiophiles alike.The EQ1-S  effortlessly  overcomes the adverse subjective effects of modern digital processing adding life and musicality, resulting in a far more emotive, enjoyable, warm and engaging listening experience at every level.

Perfect for use in Hi-end Home, Studio, Live sound  and Home Theatre systems.
The EQ1-S lets you control the sound you want to hear- experience for example more deep slamming bass with detail, richer, fuller vocals, more punch, presence, instrument clarity, detail with more natural tone and timbre, vastly increased stereo  image depth and dynamic range. With  pure vacuum tube circuitry,  full 2 channel, stereo  format and  its 10 continuously variable stereo frequency bands across the audio spectrum, plus a further  tone control section, the GLVC EQ1-S harnesses all the benefits of a high-quality active tube design, built solely for ultimate listening pleasure and sonic nirvana !


EQ In Your Home


In The Studio