In Places of Worship

A Philosophy of sound.

The emotional power of music, when rightly employed, in a natural way, is a vital and moving aid to worship. Music, quite apart from the associated words, is capable of evoking powerful emotions. Hearts are stirred, feet are set tapping, while another melody may move people to tears and gods energy flows, kindling our hearts to a true zeal and eagerness to pray with a real passion. It is, therefore, important that the emotional mood of a song be commensurate with the sense and feeling of the words and that the sound itself conveys the emotional power of music, so worship will be naturally evocative rather than manipulative, with natural, smooth detail, rather than a manufactured, digital (mathematical) impression of sound.

To read about how todays’ digital processing effects your music  click below:

Digital Distress Syndrome

Since time began, music and song has played a vital role in the life of Gods’ people and today our lives are now surrounded with digitally recorded music—television and radio, CDs, and streaming music via the internet. However, for the true aficionado of natural sound, the inevitable cumulative adverse subjective effects of all the digital processing on the sound quality and the emotive feeling in the music cannot be ignored. This is a fact that has been proven beyond doubt by audio industry experts and only concurs the thinking of a great many people worldwide. Like a phoenix from the ashes the undoubted preference for true analogue, natural, high quality sound continuous to grow, for the human ear is indeed built for natural sound.

Music is a gift from God and part of the vibrant created order of all life. In the beginning;while the morning stars sang together, and all the angels shouted for joy” (Job 38:7), and continuing through the numerous  biblical references made to the encouragement and  importance of the musical connection: “it is good to praise the lord and make music in your name “(Psalm 92: 1,3) ” and “Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet, make music to the lord with the harp and the sound of singing, with trumpets…with tambourine and dancing…with strings and pipe…with the clash of cymbals.”(Psalm 150;3-5)

The natural, pure connection to god through sound and music is of paramount importance to worship.

The GLVC sound is one of pure aural heaven, feeling more connected to the music, removing the digital veil and unleashing a natural, pure dynamic sound that will resonate your very soul.

The all new EQ1-S represents the Ultimate Hi-End Vacuum Tube Tone Control and Enhancement System for all occasions.

Hear The Warmth…..Feel the Detail