EQ1-S Features

All Tube,  Two channel Stereo, Hi-End Analogue design, from Input to Output

Fully Transformer balanced, switchable for unbalanced use

10 continuously variable (+/- 6db) wide EQ bands per channel, with stereo -tracking  controls, covering the whole audio spectrum and an overall frequency response of 5hz to 60Khz

The Heart of the EQ:

Supreme Flexibility – Its 10 continuously variable (+/- 6db) wide EQ bands and split channel format allows far greater control and variation of tonal structures, without losing vital audio information at surrounding frequencies of other instruments and control.The filter section uses precision inductors in a split signal path active tube circuit topology – two separate, full bandwidth EQ paths per channel.

Additional Stereo, continuously variable Contour controls for LF, MF/HF with two switchable centre frequencies with Left and Right output level trim controls.

An external, high voltage, high -headroom power supply provides ultra -dynamic transient delivery and a big wide soundstage, with each channel having its own HT and DC heater supply, for maximum stereo separation.

The DC Power Supply is connected via an umbilical cable using precision Swiss-made connectors, as shown here:

The EQ1-S uses only the highest quality matched vacuum tubes, 6 x 12AT7 and 4 x 6SN7.
Audiophile quality components throughout:
High stability, low noise resistors
Low ESR capacitors
Precision Inductors and transformers
Pro Mogami, Oxygen-free Copper internal wiring.
Machined aluminium silver or black control knobs
True bypass switching – With led status indicator
Scratch-proof front and rear panels.

Advantages and Benefits:

Highlight the timbre or tone of instruments, vocalists easily and increase dynamic range to great effect.

Reveal the hidden energy and detail in the music with a vastly increased warm clarity and definition.
Musicians benefit from a closer, fuller connection to their instrument.
Reveal the hidden detail from your pedalboards or processors.

Add rich tonal structure and a new dimension of musical depth to your sound.

With its unique tube circuitry and flexibility, the EQ1-s can achieve superior sounds and textures with minimal EQ adjustment, each band affording +/- 6db of fine control.
Its’ smooth wide-band curves exploit all the sonic benefits of an active tube design with stunning results.
The EQ1-S has a Unique high-end rich, dynamic, warm, detailed, incomparable sound quality and is the ultimate analogue tool for stereo recording, mixing and mastering.

Hear the Warmth…………Feel the Detail