In The Studio

“One of the greatest challenges for any recording /mastering engineer is getting the tonal balance of the instruments and the mix right… be it in the analogue or digital realm, the goal is just the same.”

The EQ1-S makes this process easy for the trained ears and is a new concept representing the Ultimate Pure Vacuum Tube Stereo Audio Enhancement and Tone Control system- intended for use in both very high -end consumer audio systems and professional tracking, mixing or mastering installations.

The EQ1-S is a stereo, line level equaliser designed specifically to provide supreme high- definition natural analogue sound quality and is an incredibly versatile piece of hardware. Exploiting all the advantages and power of a vacuum tube design it can produce subtle to full rich tones and enhancement for highlighting textures of vocals and instruments in any recording situation. When used in a stereo mastering situation it will balance the tonal structure and expressiveness of your sound with ease, without having the need to plough through a myriad of digital settings and plug ins or play with a whole rack of valve eq to get a similar result.

The EQ1-S offers ten stereo frequency equalisation bands, plus configurable, stereo, bass and mid/high frequency variable contour options. The EQ1-S is an entirely vacuum tube, fully active design with transformer-coupled balanced or unbalanced inputs and outputs. The EQ1-S is designed to offer ultimate tone control and contouring over the whole audio spectrum while reproducing music overflowing with the natural warmth, realism, vibrant life and character that only a vacuum tubes can truly provide.

With full control at your fingertips, the combinations are endless- all the while the dynamic range is increased with more space between instruments/vocals with amazing detail and a ‘wrap-around’ warmth where everything is felt and is soothing to the ears, resulting in a luxurious sound quality with stunning musicality, instrument detail and natural warmth.

EQ1-S Features