EQ1-S Concept and Frequency Bands

Within the unit itself, the audio signal for each channel is divided into two, full bandwidth paths- each with individual left and right input level controls. Each signal path then incorporates five, stereo-linked, +/- 6db filters at frequencies (with Q factors ranging from 0.2 to 0.6) designed to provide the most musically emotive, powerful, realistic and rewarding tonal sculpting.

The EQ1-S Ten Stereo Frequency Bands:

Audio Band                    Bandwidth
Deep Bass                 15hz to 35hz
Mid Bass                   60hz to 140hz
Upper Bass             125hz to 375hz
Low Midrange            300hz to 700hz
Midrange                 600hz to 1.4Khz
Upper Midrange        1.2Khz to 2.8Khz
Hi Midrange              2.1Khz to 3.9Khz
Mid Treble                   2Khz to 8Khz
Upper Mid Treble      4.8Khz to 11.2Khz
Top Treble                      6Khz to 14Khz

Following the primary equalisation stage, the EQ1-S provides a further linked-stereo, Baxandall style shelving boost/cut contour stage on the summed A and B paths with 150hz/600hz and 300hz/3khz turnover frequency options. The contour stage provides an immensely valuable further opportunity to fine tune the broad-brush tonal balance of audio material. The EQ1-S signal path is completed by individual left and right output level controls.

The EQ1-S is powered by an external, high voltage, high dynamic-headroom power supply that provides ample and immensely stable low noise power. Each EQ1-S stereo channel is provided with separate discrete HT and DC power supply. The power supply and equalisation modules are connected by a custom designed umbilical cable using precision Swiss-made connectors.

Every EQ1-S component has been selected with electronic performance and ultimate natural sound quality as twin priorities. A total of six 12AT7 and four 6SN7 vacuum tubes are employed in the design along with sixteen precision wound inductors and four in/Out transformers. High quality, oxygen-free copper internal wiring is used throughout. The EQ1-S and its power supply are presented in custom designed, CNC machined aluminium cases with machined aluminium control knobs (in black or silver) and GLVC gold colour scratch proof front and rear panels. Rack mount components are supplied as standard. 

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